Our First Front in Ages! But Pretty Weak to Start the Week

Morning! Well that wasn't so bad. Made it through our first Fall weekend. Crisp mornings and afternoons that cleared out: not too shabby. Another decent week ahead even as we watch a cold front slide through in the next few hours.

New Airmass for Southwestern BC...But Mainly Sans Rain
- A weak frontal system is moving in from the Pacific today..but drying out as it does so. It will begin to push inland this afternoon so most of the west coast should see some sunny breaks by the afternoon ahead of the system
- The system may bring some patchy drizzle towards the evening but that's about it for precipitation
- The system should help to clear out some of the haze that has been lingering in the valleys and temperatures will be a couple of degrees cooler over the next couple of days- afternoon highs around 18 for Vancouver
- A high pressure ridge attempts to build back in for the week so looking at sunny afternoons with seasonal temps..Friday next chance for showers at this point

Nepal Avalanche Details
- I'll be watching this story for the CBC NN show tonight. Will look into warnings that were in place at the time..pre-existing conditions that led to weak layers (wet monsoon season, effects of global warming, ect) and weather conditions moving forward for S&R crews
- Great 101 on avalanches by CBC graphics:

Tropical Update
Yet another hurricane has formed in the eastern Pacific: Miriam became the basin's 9th hurricane of the season, upgraded from tropical storm status late on Sunday.
- While it is benignly spinning well off the western coast of Mexico now, the Baja California peninsula could begin to feel direct effects from the storm later this week.
- Typhoon Jelawat has been downgraded from a Super-Typhoon. Located approx 130 km/h east of Manila.
Track will continue to push a lot of wind and wave energy towards the east coast of the Philippines with possible landfall in Taiwan by Friday.

Al Gore Sees 'Dirty Weather' Ahead
- On Sunday, Al Gore appeared in New York to promote the second iteration of
"24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report" an event streamed online to help people connect the dots between climate change and its diverse impacts around the globe. http://green.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/09/24/al-gore-sees-dirty-weather-ahead/
U.K. May Issue More Flood Warnings After Rain
- Areas of England and Wales should be prepared for flooding as heavy rain may persist in the next 24 hours
Also Watching..
- S Calif. Wildfire Destroys At Least 20 Homes
- Russia to launch 1st privately-designed satellite in 2013
- Some 2,000 evacuated as wildfire hits east Spain


Vancouver Weather


Chance of showers









Chance of showers