On the Radar... Wed Sept 19th

Good Afternoon! Here are some of the big weather & science stories I'm watching today..Chatted with David Jones from Environment Canada about some long range stats for BC. Looks like the lack of rain will likely break all time driest recrods for Aug-Sep. That's if we don't get any significant rain over the next couple of weeks...

BC Heat Continues..As Does Fire Risk
- More records fell yesterday including West Van again & Lytton
- Again, more records to fall today..and tomorrow
- Victoria & Vancouver are well on their way to seeing the driest Aug-Sept ever on record (116 yrs for yvr)
- Long range models indicate next chance for rain will be Monday but it does not look to be a soaking at this point. But the concern will be any lightning this new system carries to spark fires
- The BC Forest Fire Services has put an open fire restriction on open fires in the Southeast Fire Centre effective today at noon PDT until Oct 15th

Eastern Canada/US Storm Summary
- While the northeastern US saw the worst weather (wind damage, flooding and possibly tornadoes) Ontario and Quebec was rocked with wind and rain.  The "biggest numbers were in Quebec with winds topping 100 km/h and rainfall from 50-70 mm in places. 
- The Maritimes are getting the rain & winds today but not quite at warnings criteria

Cyclone Update:
Nadine Still At It & Sanba To Russia With Love
- Tropical Storm Nadine continues to churn towards the Azores Islands where tropical storm warnings are up.
- Nadine is a very large storm and will affect the islands for at least three more days as it treks slowly to the southeast of the islands. .

- One interesting note on ex Typhoon Sanba which hit Korea on Monday: Sanba brought heavy rains to the coast of Russia, causing street flooding in Vladivostok. The city recorded 111 mm over a 2-day period, causing a mudslide in the city that temporarily disrupted a train connection between two local stations. Significant typhoons impacts are uncommon in Russia, and Sanba was the 2nd typhoon to impact Vladivostok this year.

Also Caught My Eye..

Sharks are colour-blind: scientists
- Good news for us....and them!
- http://news.discovery.com/animals/sharks-color-blind-120919.html

NASA's Endeeavour to Make Final Flight...
- http://www.cbc.ca/news/yourcommunity/2012/09/nasa-fans-capture-last-shuttle-flight.html

Astronomers Spotted the Farthest & Oldest Galaxy Ever Found
- Light reaching Earth today from galaxy MACS 1149-JD were sent out 490 million years after the Big Bang that created the Universe some 13.7 billion years ago.


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