On the Radar... Thu Sept 20th


Hazier skies this morning eh.. but still sunny and warm! The rest of the country looks on with envy. Except St John's who is trying to give us a long distance high five.

Here's what I'm looking at for weather & science stories today..

I'll Have Another One: BC to Break More Records Today
- Going on day 4 of breaking records across the south coast today after more set yesterday:
Station                 new     old      year    records
                        Record  record           began
Ashcroft                31.9    30.6     1967    1912
Burns Lake              25.2    24.6     1999    1949
Clinton                 25.4    25.3     1999    1973
Nelson                  28.4    27.1     1994    1993
Princeton               30.8    30.6     2008    1893
  • Even though temps drop slightly tomorrow and through the weekend, and there may be a few more clouds lingering past the morning...it's still going to be warm and dry
  • Plus the latest model runs are drying the next front that comes in on Monday right out by the time it gets to YVR. So looking like a cloudy, not rainy day
  • Next best chance for rain may come end of next week
  • Air quality is another new angle with the dry weather: so that's going for all-time driest records, fire risk climbing, and stagnant air as a result of the dry weather
  • With fires burning south of the border, the particulates are being trapped in the valleys and lower elevations so hazy but sunny days are ahead

Meanwhile Heat Hangs on for the Rock as Well
- More records expected to fall today for eastern Newfoundland...including a 1944 record from St John's

Hurricane Season Outlook: Second Half
- The weeks ahead may be quiet for tropical threat to North America
- The current weather pattern developing across the country will continue to act as a buffer against major tropical systems through the end of the month
- The Caribbean Islands would still be at risk though
- Meanwhile tropical storm Nadine (who has been around for 9 days) is still bringing squalls to the Azores as it basically continues to sit stationary
Also Caught My Eye..

New Found Planet Top Contender to Host Alien Life
- The Planetary Habitability Laboratory (PHL) at the University of Puerto Rico keeps a catalog of the alien worlds it considers good candidates to host life. The newly discovered Gliese 163c ranks fifth on the list. (This exists?!)
- http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-205_162-57516695/newfound-planet-top-contender-to-host-alien-life/

Amazing Photos!
- The Royal Observatory has culled through over 800 entries from astronomers and astro-photographers around the world to release its compilation of the best astronomy photos of the year.

Final Testing Underway For Weather New Supercomputer
- The computer will run at a speed of up to 1.5 quadrillion operations per second. If you counted one number per second, it would take 47 million years to get to 1.5 quadrillion.
- The roughly $30 million IBM machine fills much of a 153,000-square-foot, custom-built facility.
- One of the upcoming projects will model air movement inside hurricanes and tornadoes. Another will examine how weather and air quality could change in North America in the years ahead.

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