Is There A Shower In Your Future? I Certainly Hope So... Sept 27th

Heavy rain and strong winds continue today on north coast sections. Hard to imagine with the gorgeous day we've got going on in Vancoucer! But that front is headed south...weakening but still bringing clouds & shower potential for tomorrow.




Fantastic altocumulus last night..thanks sis for the pic

Wet West Coast...Front Sliding South

·         Rainfall warnings still in place for Stewart, Terrace & Kitimat. Over 30 mm has fallen overnight with another 30-40 mm today. Winds are strong as well.

·         The front is sliding south today so rain will taper to showers tonight..

·         The cloud ahead of this system will move into Vancouver late this evening..and although the front is drying out as its treks south, we may see a few afternoon and evening showers for Friday


Super Typhoon JELAWAT & JAPAN

·         Super Typhoon Jelawat is approx 800 km south-southwest of Okinawa Japan packing sustained winds close to 260 km/h (cat 5 status).

·         Impact will begin on the Ryukyu Islands today with building seas, increasing wind and squalls

·         Could potentially make landfall in Honshu Japan Sunday evening (local time) and will likely be transitioning to "extratropical" status around this time. But the mountains of Japan could still squeeze out a good 300mm leading to flooding concerns

·          "Super Storm Jelawat Looms Off Taiwan, Bound for Disputed Islands"

·         "China on orange alert for gales from typhoon"

Indian Ocean Quake Hints at Birth of New Tectonic Plate...Big News for the Siesmic Community

·          The April 2012 8.7 quake that struck near the catastrophic 9.1 only 8 years earlier did not produce a tsunami. Not all quakes produce large tsunamis but it was surprising that the mechanics occurring under water did not more violently affect the waters above. In fact it was a different kind of quake that we normally see in this tectonic zone...a strike-slip fault that moves past each other like the San Andreas Fault rather than the thrust faults as two plate move into each other (2011 Japan quake also)

·         Now new research, just published yesterday, suggests that this was one of the most remarkable events ever recorded: this was not only the most powerful strike-slip fault aver recorded, it was also the start of a brand new plate. Basically we just got a snapshot of what takes millions of years.

·         Also interesting is that up until now, it is widely accepted that large quakes cannot set-off other quakes around the world..but new data also recently published suggest that this April 11 quake did indeed trigger quakes around the globe for a short time




Extreme sailing: Scientists reveal plan to send a BOAT to the liquid gas seas of Titan



China Ship Sails to Atlantic And Back, Via Arctic

·         Part of a landmark trip that is part of Beijing's efforts to expand its presence in the Arctic




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