Farewell Summer...

Well....after a soggy and cooler start, not a bad way to end off a summer Vancouver. Not quite 6mm of rain since August 1st and although there may be a few sprinkles in the forecast, we will at least get close to breaking all time driest records. Enjoy the first Fall weekend!

Last Day of Summer
- At 1:49 pm PDT tomorrow we officially say goodbye to summer. 
- This is the time of year where the sun centers over the equator (due to Earth's tilt) meaning day and night are (almost) equal in length across the globe. From here on out the day's get shorter, the night's get longer and the weather gets colder
- After a summer marked by record heat for most of the country (soggy, cool start for BC of course), we've got a graphic showing the hottest temps across the country over the past few months:

St. John's: 31.2 on July 13th
Halifax: 35.5 on July 12th
Charlottetown: 29.7 on July 31st
Fredericton: 32.3 on July 13th
Quebec: 32.8 on Aug 5th
Montreal: 33.3 on June 21st & July 14th (tie)
Toronto: 36.7 on July 17th
Winnipeg: 35.4 on July 29th and Aug 29th (tie on the same damn day...cool)
Regina: 34.9 on Aug 28th
Edmonton: 33.1 on July 9th
Vancouver: 28.6 on Aug 17th
Iqaluit: 23.9 on July 19th
Yellowknife: 31.9 on July 10th
Whitehorse: 28.7 on June 23rd

Cloudier Mornings, Cooler Days But Still Dry BC
- More records broke yesterday across BC including Whistler, Clinton, Revelstoke & Pemberton with temps in the mid to high 20s
- Today..morning fog and cloud will linger a little longer than the past week as our ridge starts to break down. Onshore winds will probably make it feel a little cooler as well..but the winds will also help to clear out some of that smoke and haze
- The weekend is still looking decent but temps may not quite make it to 20 for Vancouver and it's more of a mix of sun & cloud in the late afternoons rather than the pure sun
- As a front moves through Monday we may even see a shower...but after Monday although temps stay cool, no rain until at least Thursday.
- Long range models do show a rain-maker for the end of the month and we will see if mother nature brings it in the 30th of one day later so we can all have our record and call it a month

Still Soggy...Wet Weekend Ahead for Most of the Country
- Showery weather for Ontario & Quebec. Temps will stay mild through Saturday then drop off into Sunday
- The Maritimes hold on to warm temps through the weekend but it will be wet.  Heavy rain falls tonight through tomorrow for parts of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI along a stationary front and a Special Weather Statement is in place.  50-60+ mm is possible.

Also Interesting..

Scientists Predict Record Ocean Temps in 2012 for eastern Canada
- From the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Scotian Shelf all the way up to the Labrador Shelf: All warming up a couple of degrees

NASA's private spacecraft to launch cargo to space station
- First contracted mission after glitches with Russian launch

NIH Moves to Retire 110 Research Chimpanzees
- the National Institutes of Health will retire 110 of its 563 research chimpanzees over the next year. All of the chimps will be moved from a controversial research facility in Louisiana, the New Iberia Research Center, and made permanently ineligible for future research.
- Signals the US is moving away from research with chimps


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