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WEB EXTRAS: Three Innovators and an Inside Agent

Many people we spoke to this week had fascinating insights into Canada's "knowledge economy" but did not make it to air because of time restrictions. Among them, innovators who are fighting to bring new research into the marketplace - the vanguard of the so-called "knowledge economy" and "creative class."

Here are a few of their stories, and thoughts on how Canada can create the jobs of the future. Included in this piece is Anatoly Dobrovinsky of Gossipz in Toronto, Capt. Tony Patterson of VMT Technologies in St. John's and John Rivenell of Sage Data Solutions in Ottawa. Here are the innovators:
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Geoff Dubrow has the inside scoop on job-hunting in the knowledge economy. We asked him to deliver our "bottom line" segment, but his warm-up interview was so interesting, we had to post the whole thing. Not originally intended for broadcast, here is Dubrow with tips on finding, getting and maybe even creating your dream job. Asking questions is Associate Producer Jessica deMello. Here's your bottom line behind-the-scenes:
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