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WEB EXTRA: George Haynal on Canada v. USA

"This relationship is entirely unique in the world. It's an Inter-mestic relationship. It is both an international relationship, and a domestic one." - George Haynal

George Haynal has experienced the Canada-US border in a unique way. He served Canada for many years at DFAIT (Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade) and was the senior person responsible for Canada-US relations there at the turn of the century. He was then Acting Vice President (Corporate Banking) at the Royal Bank of Canada and has just retired from his next post, as Vice-President, Government Affairs, for Bombardier Inc.

Now, Haynal brings his public and private sector experience to the academic world. 

Here's Karin's full interview with him:
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"I can see why it's so intensely difficult and hard to accept in the oil patch that a bunch of people who have no sense of the economy or the broader interest are able to stymie something that someone once called a 'no-brainer.' Unfortunately, there are no 'no-brainers' in the United States." - George Haynal