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WEB EXTRA: Jamie McKenzie on US Education

japanese_high_school_classroom.jpgThis is why America doesn't get an "A" for education.

In US President Obama's recent State of the Nation address, he asked Americans to "imagine" a USA "that leads the world in educating its people". That would be a stretch. According to the OECD results of worldwide school rankings, the US has roughly  a 14th place average overall; they're 17th in science, and below average at 25th in math.

That's not great for what is arguably the greatest nation in the world.

So what's wrong with the US education system, and is there anything we can learn from it ?

Part of the problem, says American education consultant and author, is the business model applied to an area where it has no business. This includes the controversial No Child Left Behind legislation, merit pay for teachers and even the influence of the venerable Bill Gates. In the latest experiment, Parent Trigger Laws are taking control away from school boards, and turning it over to parents. Is this scary? Or is this the future?

Here's my interview with Jamie McKenzie.

- Karin    

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