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Episode Ten: A-List of Risk-Takers

istock-risk-chart.jpg They took big risks and we were all rewarded.

Clive Beddoe: Founding shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of WestJet

Rita Tsang: Founder and CEO of Tour East Group

Tony Lacavera: Founder and CEO of WIND Mobile and Globalive.

Kathleen Pedro: Co-founder and owner of Brazen Hussy Inc.

Richard Anderson: Former director and Chief Executive of First Calgary Petroleum

Coming up on the next (and final) episode of Type A, an A-list of Canadian risk takers.

We've invited entrepreneurs who have taken different paths to success to share their stories and insights. From travel to telecommuncations to the energy industry, hear from people who have beaten back the naysayers. Join Type A hosts Karin Klassen and Rod Love for the finale of this ten-part series on the economy.

Monday, March 26 at 2pm and Friday, March 30 at 8pm, a half hour later in Newfoundland and parts of Labrador.

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