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King Henry 8 played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers Queen Catherine (Parr) played by Joely Richardson Anne of Cleves played by Joss Stone Princess Mary played by Sarah Bolger Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk played by Henry Cavill Edward Seymour played by Max Brown Ambassador Marillac played by Lothaire Bluteau Katherine Howard played by Tamzin Merchant Thomas Culpepper played by Torrance Coombs Henry Howard played by David O'Hara

Ambassador Marillac

Ambassador Marillac played by Lothaire Bluteau An able French diplomat whose official correspondence is quoted as much as Ambassador Chapuys, Marillac had the unenviable task of representing French interests in England on the eve of Henry VIII's last quest for military glory against France in 1544.

He was the son of Guillaume de Marillac who had been controller to the duke of Bourbon. At the age of twenty-two he was already a barrister at the Parliament of Paris, where it is said his eloquence attracted the notice of King Francis I. Being suspected of adhering to the Reformation, he forced to exit Paris suddenly and accompany his cousin, Jean de Laforest, Knight of Malta, to Constantinople in 1533 as Ambassador to the Grand Turk, Solyman "the Magnificent." On the death of Laforest, Marillac remained for some time in Constantinople, carrying on his master's rather suspicious negotiations until the summer of 1538, when he was recalled back to France. His services in the Levant must have been considered acceptable, for shortly after his return he was appointed Conseiller au Parlement and Ambassador to England, in the place of Ambassador Castillon. Marillac remained in England till September or October 1542, when he was virtually exchanged for Sir William Paget, Henry's ambassador in France.

Lothaire Bluteau/ Actor Bio

Lothaire Bluteau was born into an impoverished Montreal family of nineteen in 1957. His numerous theatre credits helped lead to his first full-length film, Rien Qu'un Jeu (1983). Since then, he has starred in many motion pictures including: Jesus of Montreal, The Confessional (with Kristin Scott Thomas) and Bent (alongside Clive Owen). He is currently at work filming Art in Las Vegas. Bluteau is fluent in both French and English, and though he performs in both languages His characters have ranged greatly, from a male prostitute (Being at Home with Claude) to a person with a developmental disability (Les Fous De Bassan) to a crooked jockey (Dead Heat) to a Jesuit missionary (Black Robe). Bluteau is well-regarded for his portrayals, and is often said to display emotions exceedingly well, wearing them like a second skin.