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King Henry 8 played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers Queen Catherine (Parr) played by Joely Richardson Anne of Cleves played by Joss Stone Princess Mary played by Sarah Bolger Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk played by Henry Cavill Edward Seymour played by Max Brown Ambassador Marillac played by Lothaire Bluteau Katherine Howard played by Tamzin Merchant Thomas Culpepper played by Torrance Coombs Henry Howard played by David O'Hara

Edward Seymour

Edward Seymour played by Max Brown As brother to the King's third wife, Jane Seymour, Edward stood much to gain from Henry 8 and leveraged his ambition to rise to power as a member of the royal court. Upon the eventual death of King Henry, Edward's young nephew, Prince Edward Tudor, became King Edward VI of England, with Edward effectively ruling as Lord Protector.

Max Brown / Actor Bio

Max Brown was born in Yorkshire, England. His acting break came playing the role of 'Liam' in the 2006 horror film Turistas. His film credits include Red Tails (2009), Act of God (2009) and Daylight Robbery (2008). Before that, he built up a reputation in a range of TV roles, notably as 'Danny Hartston' in Grange Hill (BBC 2001), 'Mark Russell' in Crossroads (Carlton 2001) and 'Sam Grey' in the hit BBC One drama Mistresses (2008), as well as roles in Brookside, Doctors, and Casualty.