Too briefly we knew ye, Season Three...

Doesn't it feel like we just got back to Court, and we're already getting shown the door? But before we slip into that inevitable post-season funk, let's take moment to reflect on the season that was.

Michael Hirst promised that we'd see Henry ride the "slippery slope into tyranny," and he wasn't kidding. Given the body count he amassed and that petulant temper of his, did you find it hard to know how to feel about Henry by the end of the season? I found myself flipping between laughing at his outbursts, being horrified by his cruelty, getting mushy over his love for Edward, and thinking, "That guy is bats@#* crazy!"

Looking back, Will Sommers was definitely a high point for me, giving voice to what most of us were thinking and calling out Henry on his twaddle. Too bad he only stuck around for one episode. More of him, please!

And what about the Germans? Duke William was good for some levity, although at times it felt like Austin Powers was going to pop out from behind a curtain. And Joss Stone was really good as Anne; you could feel that girl's nerves vibrating right out of the screen.

At the opposite end of the spectrum were scenes that just haunted me: the fields of bodies hanging in the north (that little boy!); Robert Aske saying good-bye to his wife; little Henry Pole trudging off to meet his doom...

And then of course there was the end of Cromwell, whose grisly death I had to watch through splayed fingers. When that axe stuck? (Shudder.) Getting rid of Cromwell sort of echoed getting rid of Anne at the end of Season Two--it was basically a matter of convenience and was so well orchestrated that their fates were decided well in advance. With Anne's shoes filled so quickly by Jane, we're left to wonder if the same will happen with Cromwell's nasty boots. Will anyone fill the power vacuum? Could anyone have that big a death wish?

But what did you think? What were some high points of the season? Or best lines? ("She looks like a horse!" has got to be a contender.) What made you crazy? Are there plot points or character twists you're still wrestling with?