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The multiple Emmy Award-winning series THE TUDORS starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers returns for its climactic final season, chronicling Henry VIII's turbulent last days - and wives - as King. Sex, violence and adultery reign supreme as the scandalous, secret affair of Henry's fifth wife Katherine Howard (Tamzin Merchant) and Thomas Culpepper (Torrance Coombs) consumes the court.

In the final season, the controversial king is at the peak of his power, having reformed England like no other monarch before him. The King's marriage to the young and vivacious Katherine Howard reinvigorates Henry after his disastrous marriage to Anne of Cleves (Joss Stone). Ailing from an ulcerated leg, Henry's health is in decline but his life and times remain as dramatic as ever. Katherine soon brings with her accusations of carnality and infidelity; a former wife resurfaces and rouses temptation; and Henry's surprise allegiance to the Holy Roman Empire leads to a potentially disastrous invasion of France. Will Henry's actions in the twilight of his reign cement him as one of England's greatest rulers, or will he forever be remembered as a ruthless, lust-driven tyrant?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who holds the distinction of playing King Henry VIII for more time than any other actor in history, reprises his Golden Globe-nominated performance with vigor. The season also features new cast members including Tamzin Merchant (Pride and Prejudice) as Katherine Howard, Joely Richardson (Nip/Tuck) as Catherine Parr and Vancouver-based actor Torrance Coombs (jPod) as Thomas Culpepper. Henry Cavill and Max Brown return as Charles Brandon and Edward Seymour respectively.

Emmy Award-nominated Canadian director Jeremy Podeswa (The Pacific) directs multiple episodes once again this season, along with Dearbhla Walsh (Little Dorritt) and Ciaran Donnelly (Camelot). Michael Hirst, writer and creator of THE TUDORS, also brought history to life in the Academy Award-winning feature film Elizabeth. THE TUDORS is presented in HD and is a Canada-Ireland coproduction.