Thank you

We would like to thank everyone who listened to our show and who connected with us online. It's been fun!

Even though we are no longer on the air, you can listen to the shows online or download the podcasts, and check out our all of our extras on this site, and at www.facebook.com/cbctrustinc and www.youtube.com/cbctrustinc


Podcast: The Cast of Trust Inc

Thomas Michael, Georgina Reilly, Matt Austin Sadowski and Elias Toufexis get together to chat about season one of Trust Inc and what they'd like to see happen to their characters in the future.













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Video: Work Week Fail Contest Winner

The winner of our Twitter contest  for the best #workweekfail scene, submitted by Tina Bornemann @aka_teejay , was recorded as a video by the Trust Inc Crew.

Here is her winning submission, and you can watch as Marshall, Ricardo, Benny and Serena try to squirm their way out of this scenario with Catherine:

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#workweekfail is if you think you're on mute in the teleconference, make snarky comments about the client, but you're actually NOT on mute.


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