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Episode 13

Written by Jason Sherman













Despite much internal debate and in-fighting, the team at L&P have taken on Edward Khanifani and his organization, Palestinians for a Peaceful Solution, as a client. Against her better judgement, Serena exploits Mr. Khanifani's painful past to entice reporter Parvinder Singh-Donnelly into holding an exclusive interview with him. But the interview doesn't go as planned...


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Georgina Reilly           Serena Jordan

Julie Khaner                 Catherine Leger

Thomas Michael           Marshall Whitman

Elias Toufexis              Ricardo Sandoval

Matt Austin Sadowski  Ben Lederman

Keon Mohajeri             Parvinder Singh-Donnelly

Peter Outerbridge       James Yearwood

John Robinson                        Elliot Schulman

Ali Momen                  Edward Khanifani




Recording Engineer: Wayne Richards

Sound Effects: Anton Szabo

Associate Producer : Rosie Fernandez

Casting Director: Linda Grearson

Series advisors: Ira Basen and Scott Reid

Music composer: Doug Wilde

Host: Nana Aba Duncan


Trust Inc was created, produced and directed by Gregory J. Sinclair