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Episode 7

Written by Gregory J. Sinclair

When Marshall tries to overstep his authority at work, Catherine is fed-up and needs a break. So when a former flame, the dashing Laurence Atridies (Colm Feore), calls out of the blue asking to reconnect with him on a weekend getaway, she can't say no. But are his intentions purely honourable? With so many issues bothering her, Catherine turns to her mysterious slient partner, William Pratt (Stephen McHattie), of Leger & Pratt for advice.

  Photo: Colm Feore and Julie Khaner. Photography by Paul Gorbould.Colm Feore bwsm.jpg

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Julie Khaner                 Catherine Leger

Thomas Michael          Marshall Whitman

Colm Feore                 Laurence Atriedes

Stephen McHattie       William Henry Pratt

Drew Davis                 Bones




Recording Engineer: Wayne Richards

Sound Effects:  Anton Szabo.

Associate Producer : Rosie Fernandez

Casting Director: Linda Grearson

Series advisors: Ira Basen and Scott Reid

Music composer: Doug Wilde

Host: Nana Aba Duncan


Trust Inc was created, produced and directed by Gregory J. Sinclair