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And the winner is...

The cast and crew of Trust Inc met in studio before today's recording to choose a winner to our Twitter #workweekwin and #workweekfail contests.

There was much debate as the entries were all very compelling, but we chose those that had great dramatic potential. The grand prize was a chance for your story to be written into a future episode of Trust Inc.

 castinstudiosepia.jpgCoincidentally, the winning entries for both contests were sent in by the same listener @aka_teejay . Here are her winning entries, soon to be part of the Trust Inc series :


#workweekwin is also handing the boss who's stuck in the elevator a mug of coffee and a candy bar through the small gap in the door.

#workweekfail is if you think you're on mute in the teleconference, make snarky comments about the client, but you're actually NOT on mute.


Thanks to everyone for submitting and stay tuned for more fun ways to connect with Trust Inc!