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Past Episodes: November 2012 Archives

Hitting the Road

Trail's End will be broadcasting live from Deh Gah School in Fort Providence this afternoon.


Four years ago I got my first glimpse of the ferry. Late October, denim jacket, Ontario plates, no idea how to get to Yellowknife in the snow. A burly man rapped on the window, asking "what the hell are you doing?" as I rolled it down the window (enthusiastically) whenever we encountered bison, watching that I didn't slide off the road. I'm still grateful.He and his wife led the way for the next six hours; pulling over to offer food from their van, flashing their emergency lights and pointing out either side window.

Today, we say goodbye to the Mighty Merv, and welcome the Deh Cho Bridge. Join Peter Hope and I from 3 to 6pm on CBC North Radio One. If you're in Fort Providence, come tell us your own story. We'd love to hear it.

- Allison

Treasure Hunt: Missing Diamonds in Hay River

Cheryl Carriere works as a cashier at NorthMart, which certainly keeps her hands very busy.  When the afternoon rush ended, she looked down, and her wedding rings were gone.  In this interview, Cheryl tells Allison about the search that ensued. 

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Interview with Peter Tertzakian

Onstage at the Government of the Northwest Territories Energy Charette, Allison interviews Peter Tertzakian about the future of energy. He delivered the keynote address immediately before their sit-down.

Tertzakian is an economist with ARC Financial Corp. He is the author of "A Thousand Barrels a Second" (2006) and "The End of Energy Obesity" (2009).


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