"Trailbreakers" introduces you to Aboriginal movers and shakers this summer

Trailbreakers is an exciting and eye-opening new series airing on CBC Radio 1 and Sirius 159 as part of CBC's 8th Fire project. It first aired in January but we had such a great response to the series, CBC decided to re-air it this summer.  And we have a couple of brand new episodes for you long the way as well.

Trailbreakers profiles Aboriginal people who are blazing a new path forward and shaking up conventional wisdom about Aboriginal people and issues by getting up close and personal with people who are working, right now, to make a difference.

The Aboriginal population is young and booming, the fastest growing population in Canada, yet they face tremendous challenges. It's time for long-term solutions to long-standing problems.

Trailbreakers is about the activists and artists, educators and innovators, chiefs and youth who are pointing a new way forward. It's about people on the cutting edge of change.

Trailbreakers is challenging, provocative and always informative and entertaining. I hope you'll listen in!
The premier episode of Trailbreakers looks at one of the top Indigenous lawyers in Canada: Don Worme. Don overcame a horrific incident in his childhood that put him in a courtroom at age 4. He's never lost a criminal case, Royal Commissions call for his services but he's staying in the trenches to fight for Indigenous people and Indigenous rights.
Trailbreakers airs Wednesdays at 11 p.m. and Fridays at 11:30 a.m. beginning June 27.
I hope you'll join us on a trip into Indian Country to meet the change-makers!

-Don Kelly
Host of Trailbreakers

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