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Breaking new ground in Arts and Culture on Trailbreakers this week

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This week Trailbreakers looks at how art is shaking up Indian country! From the mix of traditional and modern that artist Corrine Hunt put into the 2010 Olympic medals, to the TV series Blackstone that shines an unadorned light on reserve life in Canada.

Hear about Corrine Hunt:

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Hear about Blackstone:
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Corrine Hunt of Komoyue and Tlingit heritage is an artist making waves, both positive and negative ones. She created the wavy medals for the Vancouver Olympics, earning both kudos and complaints. And she's on the front lines of meshing traditional cultural art and icons in very non-traditional settings, such as the frames of a commercial line of eye glasses. Moving traditional art into the mainstream can bring both celebrity and condemnation.

But if Corrine is making waves, it's nothing compared to Ron E. Scott and his television series Blackstone.

blackstone.jpgThe rez drama takes on the big issues facing many reserves: violence, substance abuse and corruption; all things that many Aboriginal folks feel shouldn't be brought out into the open, never mind made into a TV show.

But the Gemini award winning show is hugely popular and back for a second season. How art is shaking up Indian country!