About the Show

Part of CBC's exciting new 8th Fire project, Trailbreakers will tell Canadians stories they haven't heard before about Aboriginal people who are breaking new ground in their communities to solve long-standing problems that are holding back all of Canada. It is the spirit of reconciliation in action, building a stronger Canada for all Canadians.

With reconciliation in the air, Trailbreakers looks at emerging intersections between Canada and its First peoples.

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Host Don Kelly is a stand-up comedian and the Gemini-nominated host and writer of the Gemini-nominated television series Fish Out of Water, now entering its fourth season on APTN. Fish Out of Water explores Don's adventures as an urban Indian trying to learn the traditional skills and wisdom of Aboriginal peoples across Turtle Island, often with hilarious results.

As a stand-up comedian, Don has starred in his own national television specials on CBC's Comics and CTV's Comedy Now and has many appearances on The Debaters, the Winnipeg Comedy Festival and other programs and festivals. Don continues to perform stand-up comedy across North America.

Don is a proud citizen of the Ojibways of Onigaming, a Treaty #3 First Nation in Ontario.

About the Producers

Rosanna Deerchild

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Rosanna Deerchild is Cree from South Indian Lake, Manitoba. A writer and broadcaster, Rosanna has been working in the industry for almost 15 years. She is currently a host and news presenter for CBC Radio. Rosanna has been honoured by the Native American Journalism Association and has won a Blizzard Award for her work. She is also an accomplished poet. Her first book of poetry 'this is a small northern town' was published in fall 2008 by The Muses Company (J. Gordon Shillingford). It won the 2009 Aqua Books Lansdowne Prize for Poetry/prix Lansdowne de po├ęsie. Rosanna is a member of the Aboriginal Writers Collective.

Renee Filippone


Renee is an associate producer for The Early Edition in Vancouver. She is a born and raised west coaster, growing up in the suburb of Burnaby. With a Metis mother and an Italian, Scottish, English father, she considers herself a true reflection of Canadian diversity. She has a Degree in Communications from Simon Fraser University and a Diploma in Broadcast Journalist from BCIT. Renee has been working with the CBC since 2005.

Ruth Shead

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Ruth has been making radio for CBC since 2004. A member of Peguis First Nation in Manitoba, Ruth is proudly named after her grandmother, who is a residential school survivor. Knowing her grandmother's stories, and those of family members who fought the illegal surrender of their reserve, it's extremly important for Ruth to make sure the Aboriginal community has a voice in mainstream media. Prior to landing at CBC, Ruth worked for the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation, trained as a speed skater, and discovered her inner nomad.

Angela Sterritt

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Angela Sterritt began her broadcast journalism career almost 15 years ago and started with CBC in 2002 while still in University. She is currently a TV and radio reporter with CBC North and a content editor for Maclean's magazine. Sterritt writes for various publications across Canada and is a professional visual artist. She is a proud member of the Gitxsan Nation, of the Gitanmaax band and has Irish on both sides.

Kim Wheeler

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Kim has brought positive Aboriginal stories to both the mainstream and Aboriginal media for 18 years. She has been producing award-winning radio for CBC Radio One for the past four seasons of ReVision Quest. Kim is the Aboriginal music community producer for CBC Music.