exclusive Cosimo Commisso link to Toronto construction firm prompts union to ask for police probe

Canada's largest construction union has called on the police to investigate a company it has dealings with, prompted by queries by CBC and the Toronto Star about possible connections to organized crime. Apr 24 video

Man with broken leg waited hour in cold for ambulance

A Toronto man forced to lie in the cold with a broken leg for nearly an hour while waiting for an ambulance says the city's Emergency Medical Service (EMS) is failing its residents. Apr 12 video

Watch EMS wait times under scutiny 3:48

Posted notices about disciplined doctors leave public confused

Ontario doctors disciplined for the sexual abuse of patients are often required to adhere to conditions when they return to their practice following a suspension. Dec 12 video

Watch Do No Harm, Part 3 2:39

Ontario doctors disciplined for sex abuse, but keep working

Ontario doctors who have been disciplined for matters related to sexual abuse are often able to continue to practise medicine. Dec 11 video

Watch Do No Harm, Part 2 4:03