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Rob FordRob Ford (Chris Young/CP)

I'll vote for Ford because:

1. He represents the voice for fiscal restraint at City Hall.

2. He supports subways over LRTs.

3. He recognizes that the cars are an important part of the transportation mix in Toronto.

4. He's the only one who will continue to fight for removal of the Land Transfer Tax.

5. He understands that the city can't keep raising taxes beyond the rate of inflation without impoverishing its citizens.

6. He won't put up with elitist sense of entitlement as witnessed at Toronto Community Housing Corporation and cleaned up the corruption.

7. I want him in charge when public sector contracts with bloated pensions and benefits come up for renewal.

8. He understands that his job is to keep Toronto running well and doesn't aspire to representing Toronto on the world stage or areas that are the rightful purview of the provincial and federal government such as youth unemployment. There is no reason for city councillors to travel the world studying how other cities function. Read a book or use technology.

9. He will continue to ferret out ways to reduce the cost of city services.

10. He has a simple common sense approach to city government and the people he represents.

- J Watkins

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