Who is your choice for Toronto's next mayor?

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Who is your choice for Toronto's next mayor?

On October 27, the people of Toronto will decide who will run their city.

But who will they choose? My Mayor is about making that choice.

Write an essay about who you are supporting in the election.

This is your chance to make your voice heard in the 2014 race for mayor! The best essays will be posted here and shared on CBC's social media accounts.

If you're still looking for a candidate that you can support, read what others have written about Rob Ford, Olivia Chow, David Soknacki, Karen Stintz and John Tory.

(Essays may be condensed or edited for grammar or mistake of fact.)

Toronto has a history of good leadership under women. - Read more from Holly
​Rob Ford is the only guy focused on the money that is spent - Read more from C Hodge
Olivia Chow will represent all people of Toronto - Read more from Kim Whiteduck
I want Ford to lose so that he's free to run the Ontario PC party - Read more from John
I'm going to vote strategically for Tory - Read more from James
John Tory will look after our money - Read more from Colin
Olivia Chow is the best of a terrible field of candidates. - Read more from Chris
Stintz is smart and in touch with Toronto - Read more from Jose
Olivia Chow is the only option... - Read more from Craig Howe
A successful business man to run the business of Toronto! - Read more from SE Lauer
Which candidate can work with city council best to get things done? - Read more from McKenzie Jones
Rob Ford is for the people. - Read more from Sam
My vote will go to Ms. Chow. That being said... - Read more from MTB
The last two years have been awful under Rob Ford - Read more from Shelley
The Fords are not worthy of running. - Read more from Peter S.
Despite her mostly NDP leanings... - Read more from J McCurdy
Long live Mayor Rob Ford! - Read more from Grace King
I wish Norm Kelly was running. He has done a wonderful job! - Read more from Carolyn Hood
Karen Stintz is an intelligent woman - Read more from Susan Willis
Rob Ford has set the bar impossible low - Read more from Jeff
Rob has my vote regardless of his personal drama - Read more from Shahid
Mend fences and bring the citizens of this city together! - Read more from Carm Caruana
I think Olivia is too little too late. - Read more from Annie
Olivia Chow represents Toronto. - Read more from Diana Campbell

Who is your choice for mayor?

Which candidate have you chosen? Tell us why

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