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Nadine TkatchevskiaNadine Tkatchevskia

Nadine Tkatchevskia

November 5, 2008: In a crowd of 4000 students, a small 19-year-old girl is waving a banner and shouting in protest against rising tuition fees. That's me.

My name is Nadine Tkatchevskia. I am a first-year student at Glendon College majoring in International Studies. I am a Franco-Ontarian born in Russia, I am passionate about the environment and our educational system. I'm also quadrilingual and a vegetarian. I like making my voice heard, walking on the beach barefoot, travelling and reading poetry. My biggest dream is to do some good in this world.

North York

North York is one of the seven former municipalities that amalgamated into the City of Toronto in 1998. The area comprises the north-central part of Metropolitan Toronto and has a population of 650,000.

Until the 1980s, North York had the flavour of a suburb, with many residents commuting to the downtown core each day. But North York has since developed its own city centre and attracted many business and corporate headquarters to the area. Immigration has also increased, particularly from China and parts of Europe.

As of 2006, the overwhelming majority - more than 87 per cent - of residents spoke English as a first language at home.

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