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TRIEC's Immigrant Success (IS) Awards

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CBC Toronto is proud to be a partner of the TRIEC Immigrant Success Awards as a media partner and for the contribution of our own award, the CBC Toronto Vision Award for Immigrant Inclusion.

CBC Toronto is committed to sharing and telling stories that are important and relevant to Toronto and GTA communities. Being a part of the Immigrant Success Awards exemplifies that commitment. This week you heard more about the award winners and the issues and opportunities surrounding the integration of skilled immigrants on CBC Radio One 99.1's Metro Morning and on CBC News Toronto.


Matt Galloway spoke with Catherine Parsonage, she is Executive Director of Toronto Foundation for Student Success, and with Yezdi Pavri. He is a Vice Chair at Deloitte Canada.
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The CBC's Kennedy Jawoko met with some of the doctors at work in Portage Trail Middle School to talk about the idea of Canadian work experience.
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Thales Rail Signalling Solutions is a high-tech company with a commitment to hiring the best. Find out what advantage they get from having highly skilled immigrants on staff. Watch video (runs 3:52)

Nancy Steele from American Express Canada spent her own time after work and her lunch hour to find new ways of retaining the skilled immigrants in her company. How does she do it? Here's a video interview with Steele and the CBC's Kennedy Jawoko. Watch video (runs 4:05)

The Fifth Annual Immigrant Success (IS) Awards

Toronto Star

The Toronto Star is a media partner of the IS Awards and will publish a special section online, called Immigration and Employment. Visit the Toronto Star web site to read more about new Canadians in the job market.

TRIEC's Immigrant Success (IS) Awards recognize leadership and innovation in recruiting and retaining skilled immigrants. The awards fall into the four categories below and are presented to the winners on the evening of Wednesday March 9, 2011 at a ceremony emceed by Matt Galloway, the host of CBC Radio One 99.1's Metro Morning.

WINNERS of TRIEC's 5th Annual Immigrant Success Awards

Catherine Parsonage
Catherine Parsonage

CBC Toronto Vision Award for Immigrant Inclusion
Recipient: Toronto Foundation for Student Success (TFSS)

The gift of sight and sound program is run by Toronto Foundation for Student Success, a charitable arm of Toronto District School Board. "The program was started to make sure some of our new Canadian children were able to see clearly and hear clearly," says Catherine Parsonage, the executive director of the organization.

Through the generosity of Sprott Asset Management and Wal-Mart Canada Toronto Foundation for Student Success has been able to expand the program to 112 of the most vulnerable schools in the city. Internationally trained medical graduates are key to the success of the program because of the high level of skills they bring.

Yezdi Pavr
Yezdi Pavri

Toronto Star Award for Excellence in Workplace Integration
Recipient: Deloitte

For the last few years, a number of large companies in Toronto have incorporated a diversity plan within their firms. Deloitte management believes that although many companies are diversifying their recruiting, they are not necessarily putting practices in place to ensure that the new immigrant hires succeed.

As part of their diversity plan, Deloitte is ensuring that all three major groups at the organization are involved. Skilled immigrants who come onboard, existing staff and management are all actively involved to make the diversity plan succeed. Over 160 staff have mentored over 260 skilled immigrants. This month Deloitte rolled out cultural awareness training for all employees in the firm. Vice Chairman of Deloitte, Yezdi Pavri is the visionary behind Deloitte's diversity strategy.

Michael MacKenzie
Michael MacKenzie

RBC Immigrant Advantage Award
Recipient: Thales Canada Transport
(division: Thales Rail Signalling Solutions)

Thales Canada Transport is a division of a global leader in information systems for defence and security, aerospace and transportation.

Over fifty per cent of the staff at Thales are skilled immigrants. Seventy per cent are engineers, with training and experience from all over the world.

When interviewing, skilled immigrant candidates are not typically asked about Canadian experience. They are probed for international experience. Michael MacKenzie is the Chief Operating Officer.

Nancy Steele
Nancy Steele

Canadian HR Reporter Individual Achievement Award
Recipient: Nancy Steele, Director, American Express Technologies (American Express Canada)

Nancy Steele is dedicated to creating a diverse work environment. A few years ago she recognized that while American Express Canada was diverse, there were issues with these hires being retained. Steele recognized that more could be done at Amex and took this on as her own project. With HR located in New York, she had to work harder. All of her efforts on this project were done above and beyond her paying job - mostly after work or on her lunch hour.

In just over three years, Steele has made a significant impact. In just two years, 11 immigrants have been hired. These immigrants are mostly working as project managers across American Express Canada. Through her efforts there has also been an increased retention of new hires in American Express Technologies.

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To learn how TRIEC integrates skilled immigrants in the Greater Toronto Region labour market, visit triec.ca.