CBC Toronto - Photo By Timothy Neesam
G20 Summit Toronto

Mapping the G20

This map displays most of the major restrictions during the G20. View a larger version.

The G20 summit to be held June 26-27 in the heart of Toronto has sparked, alternately, outrage, hand-wringing, admonishments and civic booster-ism among the citizens in Canada's largest city.

While it's not clear how much of an impact the summit will have on the city, what's certain in downtown Toronto is going to be very different from what people are used to.

So we here at CBC Toronto are trying to make things a little easier in the coming days by creating this blog that should help you navigate the bustle of life in the G20 bubble.

We'll also be talking to people who stand to be affected by the summit the most - those who live, work, play and use services in the area.

Stay tuned.