CBC Toronto - Photo By Timothy Neesam
G20 Summit Toronto

A little clarity for pedestrians and cyclists


Ok, time for some clarification on how the outer G20 security zone will affect pedestrians and cyclists.

It's been well publicized to this point how people can gain access to the fenced-in inner security zone surrounding the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the site of the summit.

The unfenced outer zone is another matter. Police have said that vehicular traffic will have to interact with officers at "police traffic points" on the borders of the outer zone in the days leading up to the summit.

But it was never explicitly outlined - at least to us here at the blog - whether pedestrians and cyclists will have to go through the same traffic checkpoints or have their entry credentials vetted elsewhere.

So we spoke to Sgt. Leo Monbourquette of the G20 Integrated Security Unit so he could shed some light on this issue.

He confirmed this morning that pedestrians and cyclists will have to speak with officers at these checkpoints just as motorists will have to.

When asked if pedestrians should expect delays, Monbourquette replied: "I don't know about delays," but said "the rules apply the same to everyone."

It's worth noting, though, that a release on the ISU site warns people travelling to the area around the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in the days leading up to the summit "should expect significant delays."

The traffic management procedures will go into effect sometime in the days leading up to the summit, but Monbourquette would not specify when, citing security concerns.