Make Black History

History is full of examples of black men and women who overcame prejudice and discrimination to become examples of achievement.

Their actions helped people of all ethnicities gain human rights and freedoms.

For Black History Month 2013, we asked our audience to tell us how they were making black history.

In a hundred years, why would they be an example for others?


Who inspires you?

It's easy to find black people who are improving our world every day.

Many of them would say it would be impossible to live their lives if others who came before them hadn't struggled to make things better.

Think of your favourite black politician, performer, scientist or athlete.

On sites like these, you can find out more about the people who made it possible for that man or woman to inspire you today.

(James Crisp/CP Photo)

How will you make history?

It's harder now to be the first person to do anything.

Sometimes it seems like it's all been done.

But even though we are all recognized as equal, does that mean we all have equal opportunity?

Even though we are all free, are we free to pursue our dreams?

The men and women who made history changed things for everyone, not just themselves.

What are each of us doing for the common good?


Thanks for participating

Thanks to everyone who sent in videos and comments. It was great to hear what you are up to and add your voices to our programming.

(Anissa Thompson)

Spread the word

History is never over.

Now is not too soon to start thinking of how you would answer the question next year. How are you part of black history?

(Marta Barutell)