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Charlsie Agro is a videojournalist with CBC Toronto's weekend team. She was born and raised in Burlington, Ontario. Her academic and athletic pursuits eventually took her to Philadelphia and St. Joseph's University to play NCAA division one field hockey.

Off the turf, Charlsie pursued her passion for storytelling, interning with both ESPN and NBC. After graduating with a degree in English, History and Performing Arts, Charlsie got her start in local news at CHCH in Hamilton. Soon after she completed her graduate certificate in Journalism and New Media from Sheridan College. Charlsie then headed west to Victoria BC and then to Edmonton, AB where she worked as a videographer for CityTV.

When CBC Windsor came calling Charlsie jumped at the chance to head back to Ontario. While in Windsor Charlsie covered some of southwestern Ontario's biggest stories locally and for the network. She is looking forward to doing the same back home in the GTA.

Contact Jean Carter
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Jean Carter is the Senior Assignment Producer for CBC Toronto. Her areas of interest involve bringing to air the voices of the real individuals and communities who are affected by policies of all levels of government.

Jean covers a wide variety of issues ranging from housing to immigration to urban poverty.

She has reported from Ottawa, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nunavut.

Jean has won several awards and she is listed in Who's Who in Black Canada.

Contact Michelle Cheung
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Michelle has been telling stories for two decades. She earned a Gemini nomination for her CBC documentary J's Story.

Her love of travel has taken her to cover stories in Newfoundland and New Brunswick, and much further afield. Michelle spent almost a decade living and working overseas covering the peso crisis in Mexico in 1994, the handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997, the overthrow of Suharto in Indonesia and many other stories for both radio and TV.

Michelle moved back to Toronto because it feels like home. As frustrating as progress in this city may sometimes seem, this is the place she feels she has a stake in making better.

Contact Natalie Kalata
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Natalie Kalata is a videojournalist for CBC Toronto. She shoots, writes and presents news for television, radio and online.

Born and raised in Toronto, Natalie started her career in Saskatchewan before being hired by CBC Newfoundland and Labrador in 2008. First in Labrador City and then St. John's, Natalie has covered it all, from hurricanes to hostage takings, to health care. Her work has been featured on CBC News Network, and the National.

In just three years, Natalie's stories have earned her and her newsroom, a Gemini Award, multiple Edward. R. Murrow awards and Atlantic Journalism Awards. In 2010 she was named new journalist of the year in Atlantic Canada. She has a degree in Communications from the University of Ottawa. In her free time you will find Natalie out running, playing soccer, or occasionally out acting in the theatre.

Contact John Lancaster
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John Lancaster is CBC's Network reporter for Toronto.

While he is assigned to cover a variety of stories, from breaking news to politics and sports, he is best known for his enterprise and investigative work. John has travelled across Canada, the US and abroad to bring Canadians his unique brand of story telling.

John has been awarded several RTNDA awards for his enterprise stories. He is a 2010 winner of a CAJ award for excellence in investigative journalism. He was also nominated in 2011 for a Gemini award for breaking news coverage. John's stories appear on The National, CBC Toronto and on CBC radio.

Contact Philip Lee-Shanok
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Philip Lee-Shanok is an award-winning journalist who has worked in newsrooms in Toronto and Edmonton as a both a print and on-air television reporter.

He joined CBC Radio in 2004 and covers a wide range of stories from crime and justice to technology and the environment.

He has done extensive coverage of aboriginal issues including the standoffs at Caledonia and near Deseronto, Ontario. He graduated from Trinity College, University of Toronto and has a post-graduate degree from Ryerson University's School of Journalism.

Contact Debbie Lightle-Quan
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Debbie Lightle-Quan was a high school and Queen's University athlete pursuing a career as a police officer when she was brought in as a ringer for CBC's The National baseball team. "The second I stepped into the newsroom, I knew CBC was the place I wanted to work."

Today, she puts her athletic skills to work as a video journalist on CBC News Toronto. She loves to play and cover sports. "I try to capture the essence of a person with my camera then tell the story of what motivates them whether they are a professional hockey player or a female kick boxer."

Debbie has two Gemini nominations for her work. She enjoys working and playing in Toronto with her husband and two children. She has three hobbies: "sports, sports and more sports".

Contact Stephanie Matteis
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Stephanie Matteis started as a newspaper reporter almost two decades ago, earned a Masters in Journalism and has worked in television and radio ever since. She's been on-air and behind-the-scenes, as a national and local reporter, producer, director and writer.

Some highlights of Stephanie's career include an award-winning documentary about medicine for the Discovery Channel; a Gemini-nominated series for CBC; and a Gemini-award winning documentary for The National. She joined CBC News Toronto in Toronto in 2007.

She loves living in the world's most multi-cultural city and getting people to share their stories. At the end of the day, Stephanie says she simply feels lucky to be a storyteller and have an amazing outlet for that irrepressible impulse.

Contact Lorenda Reddekopp
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Lorenda Reddekopp loves meeting people, hearing their stories and then being able to tell them on radio and tv.

Lorenda has worked for the CBC in cities across the country - Saskatoon, Whitehorse, Regina and Toronto.

She also worked as a freelance journalist in Guatemala for three years. Lorenda filed news stories and radio documentaries to various public broadcasters around the world, including the CBC. There, she toughened up for any conditions she might experience as a reporter in Canada's largest city. On her way to one story, for example, she trudged through mud for more than an hour. That was to cover the aftermath of a hurricane in Guatemala. Her experience in Central America also made her more creative, as she sought out quiet places to voice her radio stories in a country where walls are thin and the street dogs never stop barking.

Lorenda speaks Spanish. She has an Arts degree with a major in English from the University of Saskatchewan and a journalism degree from the University of Regina.

Contact Priya Sankaran
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Priya Sankaran is a news reporter based in Toronto. Since 2003 Priya has worked in newsrooms in Windsor and Ottawa. But truth be told, she's proud to call herself a Torontonian today. Her journey to the city tells the story of so many residents of the GTA.

Priya was born in Hamburg, Germany to Indian parents. She grew up in Ottawa where she got her first taste of reporting, filing a segment to CBC Television's Streetcents about a potato powering a digital clock. Priya came to call Toronto home after attending Ryerson University's Radio and Television arts program. She's taken a keen interest in telling the stories of the GTA's diverse communities.

Priya broke the story of Doda, an opiate drug truck drivers in the GTA's Indo-Canadian community were struggling to quit. In 2009 she told the stories of the region's Tamil community protesting against the civil war in Sri Lanka. Priya speaks English, French, Tamil.

Contact Jasmin Seputis
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Jasmin Seputis grew up in Toronto, the child of immigrants from Lithuania and Austria. But she began her career working for the CBC in Newfoundland and Labrador. Jasmin has been reporting in Toronto since 1999.

She often reports on legal stories and social issues for CBC Toronto. The stories she's covered include the G20 protests and their aftermath.

Jasmin was recognized by the Canadian Association of Journalists for her investigative report into what happened outside a downtown hospital when security guards allegedly beat an Aboriginal couple.

Contact Connie Sinclair
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Connie Sinclair is the news anchor on CBC Radio One 99.1 FM on Saturday and Sunday mornings. She started with CBC National radio news in March 2007 and joined CBC Toronto radio news in September 2009.

She has worked as a newscaster for Fresh Air, hosted World Report, World This Hour, World at Six, World This Weekend and As It Happens. She has also contributed to national radio news as the hourly afternoon newsreader and has filled in on all the major news shows since March 2007.

Connie is the granddaughter of Gordon Sinclair, who was a panelist of CBC Television's Front Page Challenge for many years.

Contact Jamie Strashin
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Jamie Strashin is reporter with CBC Radio in Toronto. He's been a journalist for nearly ten years and, as a lifelong resident of the city, is happy to be home.

Jamie has been in the Toronto newsroom for five years and before that spent time in Brandon, Winnipeg and Calgary. During that time he has extensively covered virtually all of the city's big crime stories including the Jane Creba murder trials. He has also had a chance to cover some interesting sporting events like the Brier and Grey Cup. He current assignment has him at Toronto City Hall.

He graduated from the University of Western Ontario and has a Masters degree from Northwestern in Chicago.

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