Highlights: Metro Morning LIVE Broadcast in Rexdale

On Wednesday, February 15, Metro Morning broadcasted LIVE from Rexdale.

The program focused on residents who live in one of the aging concrete towers along the "Kipling strip", north of Finch in Etobicoke. The 23-story highrise is a typical example of the more than 1,000 towers erected in Toronto's "inner suburbs" in the early 1950s and '60s.

Once seen as decent places, with pools and tennis courts, they are now deteriorating dull buildings, with dark hallways, aging elevators, and no place for kids to play.

They are also home to tens of thousands of newcomers to Canada who can't afford to live anywhere else.

During the special broadcast, Building Community: Life in a Rexdale Highrise, host Matt Galloway spoke with tenants, property managers, architects, planners and community workers about the challenges and triumphs of Toronto's "Tower Renewal" program. With residents from diverse countries such as India, Iraq, Haiti and the West Indies - we followed their journey to turn an aging tower into a vibrant vertical village.

This building is also the focus of an innovative NFB project, HIGHRISE, a multi-year project to document the human experience in vertical suburbs. In the latest installation, One Millionth Tower, six residents work with architects and graphic artists to re-imagine the spaces around their building and envision what "could" be.


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