Explore The Political Landscape with Vote Compass

Vote Compass is an educational tool developed by political scientists. Answer a short series of questions to discover how you fit in the Ontario political landscape. Over 43,000 have tried the tool, and with election day just over a week away, Vote Compass is a unique way to explore provincial politics as we heads to the polls.

By filling out the simple questionnaire, you can compare your views on the issues to the positions of the major Ontario political parties.

Vote Compass asks you questions on some leading political issues. You can also choose to offer your impressions of the major party leaders and the parties themselves.

When you're done, Vote Compass produces three different results: one indicates where you are on the political landscape compared to the parties; another shows you how much you agree with each of the parties; and the third highlights how you rank the party leaders.

You can also indicate which issues are more important to you than others, then recalculate your position in relation to the parties. Using our new results tools, you can go deeper to see how you compare to the parties on each issue -- or how the parties compare to each other. And you can read about the parties' positions on each of the issues raised in the questionaire.

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