Air Farce Book Launch with Don Ferguson

Meet comedy legend Don Ferguson and celebrate the book launch of Air Farce 40 Years of Flying by the Seat of Our Pants.

When: Monday, October 17 from 12-2pm
Where: CBC Atrium - 250 Front St. West
Admission: Free

Come join us in this celebration!

About the Book:

A rollicking, behind-the-scenes look at Canada's favourite comedy troupe

A staple of CBC television for fifteen years, with diehard fans numbering in the millions, Canada's Royal Canadian Air Farce exemplifies brilliant comedic mayhem. Written by the founding members of Air Farce--Roger Abbott and Don Ferguson--this candid memoir, full of anecdotes, photographs, scripts, and other memorabilia from the authors' private collection describes every aspect of their hard-scrabble early life in 1970 as an onstage comedy troupe, their historic run on radio, and their spectacular success on prime-time television.

With contributions from many of their longtime friends and collaborators, including Dave Broadfoot (whose "When I regained consciousness" tagline is now part of the Canadian vernacular), and the irrepressive Luba Goy, Air Farce takes readers behind the scenes, and onstage, into the day-to-day creative vortex of one of the most popular comedy shows in the history of Canadian television.

· Offers unprecedented access to the intimate workings of Canada's legendary comedy troupe--from their days as "something fun to do on Sunday nights" in theatres to their arrival on Canadian television, as one of its highest rated shows

· The authors share the highlights, lowlights, successes, and tragedies that resulted from their Air Farce collaboration

Offering a no-holds-barred look at the key players that turned comedy talent into prime-time gold, Air Farce offers their legions of fans a genuine keepsake destined to last at least as long as the troupe's forty-year career--if not longer.


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