East Africa Relief - How You Can Donate

The famine in East Africa has killed tens of thousands, and more people are dying every day. A devastating drought across the region, plus war, neglect and spiraling prices have all contributed to what is now the worst hunger emergency in a generation. In some areas of Somalia more than half the children are severely malnourished - and one-in-three could die.

You can make a difference. Here's How You Can Help:

Donations to Canadian organizations will help to provide food, clean water, shelter and health services that will save lives.

In order to better respond to the needs of those affected by the East Africa drought, and to more effectively match the generosity of Canadians, the the Government of Canada has created the East Africa Drought Relief Fund.

For every eligible dollar donated by individual Canadians to registered Canadian charities, Canada will set aside one dollar for the East Africa Drought Relief Fund. The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) will allocate these funds to established Canadian and international humanitarian organizations for humanitarian assistance efforts that benefit the people most affected by the drought. The program is retroactive to July 6 and will run until Sept. 16.

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