Celebrating 75 Years With A Day In The Life: CBC 1 Day Documentary

Canadians have remarkable stories to tell!

On Sunday August 21st, we celebrate that rich heritage with the documentary 1 Day, a unique 24 hour portrait of Canada unlike anything we've done before. 1 Day is a true co-production between the CBC, and you.

Tune-into this special 2 hour documentary celebrating the magic in everyday moments - a story of Canada in 1 Day coming to CBC-TV on August 21 at 8 pm.

This documentary is just the beginning of our 75-day long celebration of 75 years in Canadian broadcasting. Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming festivities!

For more information about the 1 Day documentary, visit the official website.

And visit CBC's 75th anniversary website for more information about our nation wide celebrations!


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