Rebroadcast - Tahrir in Toronto: Tracking A Revolution

How did a vegetable vendor in Tunisia, by setting himself on fire, spark a revolution across the middle east and northern Africa?

In an attempt to understand the revolutions and what they mean for Toronto, CBC Radio One 99.1 FM hosted Tahrir (Liberation) in Toronto: Tracking a Revolution.

Please tune in to Radio One for a rebroadcast across the country on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 from 2-3pm ET.

Moderated by Metro Morning host Matt Galloway, this discussion will include:

• How do you finish a revolution to start a democracy?
• What might democracy look like in the Middle East?
• Differences in the reactions and expectations of different generations
• How the revolutions have cascaded across the region
• The significance of the revolutions in the lives of women in the region

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