About 30 years old, the son of a Catholic Belfast docker, who fled his roots and became a brilliant metallurgist, after having changed his name. Now well travelled, he returns to the town of his birth to confront his past and his future. Intense, unpredictable, wayward and inwardly passionate, Mark is on a journey to reconcile his professional dreams with the affairs of his heart.


As someone who has come of age in the entertainment industry, Kevin Zegers is defined by his fearless pursuit of challenging roles and his ability to deliver on their promise. Zegers is fast becoming one of Hollywood's most in-demand young actors, for both independent and mainstream film.

Gaining wide critical acclaim for his role in the independent film "Transamerica", Zegers played Toby, a drug-addled hustler living on the streets who dreamed of meeting the father he never knew, who, it is later revealed, is Bree, a conservative transsexual, played by the OscarĀ® nominated Felicity Huffman, who unknowingly fathered a child when she was a man.

In 2007, Kevin co-starred in Robin Swicord's "The Jane Austen Book Club" opposite Maria Bello and Emily Blunt, followed by Kari Skogland's "Fifty Dead Men Walking", co-starring opposite Sir Ben Kingsley and Jim Sturgess which garnered critical attention.  

Debuting at Sundance in 2010, Kevin portrayed a snowboarder in Adam Green's "Frozen", that gets stranded on a chairlift halfway up a New England mountain along with his best friends, and together they are forced to fight the elements.

In 2011, Kevin played the lead in the independent feature "Vampire" for Shunji Iwai ("New York", "I Love You") starring opposite Rachel Leigh Cook and Amanda Plummer.  Kevin also starred in the feature thriller "Entitled", opposite Ray Liotta and Laura Vanderloot for Foundation Features.  Kevin also reprised the role of Damian on the CW hit show "Gossip Girl." 

Kevin has just wrapped "Titanic: Blood and Steel", a spectacular mini-series about the making of the Titanic. Kevin is the lead starring opposite Sir Derek Jacobi, Chris Noth and Neve Campbell.

Additional film credits include "The Perfect Age of Rock n' Roll", "The Stone Angel", "Gardens of the Night", "Normal", "Dawn of the Dead", the franchise films "Air Bud", "MVP: Most Valuable Primate", "Komodo", "Four Days", "Treasure Island", "Nico The Unicorn", and hisfirst role on screen as a younger Michael J. Fox in "Life With Mikey".Television credits include "The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie", which was nominated for multiple Daytime Emmy Awards, including Outstand Children/Youth/Family Special. Additional television roles include "House", "Smallville", "Titans, It Came From the Sky", "A Call To Remember", "Sex, Lies, & Obsession" and "Timeshare", "Traders Avonlea" and "Street Legal".