Canadian Stories

Mary Snider

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marysnider.jpgMary Snider was a reporter from the Toronto Telegram. She was sent down to New York with another reporter and a staff artist to get the Canadian stories when the Carpathia arrived. There were more than twenty Canadian news reporters sent to cover the story. The problem was that press passes to the wharf were only being given to US and British reporters, so the Canadians had to be creative.

Mary jumped in front of an ambulance heading through the road block and pleaded with the doctor to take her through. He agreed and she got her story.

Four articles in all. Mary was one of the thirteen journalists to found the Canadian Women's Press Club in 1904, along with other members Nellie McClung and Emily Murphy. The titles of her articles are as follows: "With Orphaned Stranger-babe in arms Major Arthur Peuchen Steps Ashore" "Three Shot by Officers as the last boat put off ... Saved By Woman's Hand" and the article about her experiences "Through the Needle's Eye How Woman Writer Went", Heroism Saved Husband.

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