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Superior Stitches

We like to think the Superior Morning crew is a close knit group. And each morning we share a yarn or two with you about what is taking place in the community. But we want you to take on a more active role than simply listening each morning.

So we are throwing down the gauntlet (a woollen one) to all those knitters out there. Over the next few weeks we want to keep you in stitches. It's the Superior Morning Knitting Challenge.

So cast on, break out your knitting needles and come up with your best scarf or toque then send us a photo of your completed project. We'll post them on our website throughout the month.

At the end of the competition we'll conduct an on-line poll to select the people's choice award and then we'll assemble a panel of knitters to pick a winner.

The prize... an official CBC hat and scarf.

The contest is now over. Thank you to all those that entered. The winner, of both the popular vote and the knitter panel's vote, is Kathy Doherty for her "Toque of Many Colours". Congratulations Kathy!

Lisa's Gauntlet
Here is Lisa's gauntlet, can you keep up?
Lisa Laco | November 5, 2012
Pam Caland
It's called the "Incognito" from knitty.com and is a gift for my son who picked the big curly mustache design.
Pam Caland | November 6, 2012
Joan Joubert
A Dr. Who scarf I knitted for a friends son - it is 20 feet long.
Joan Joubert | November 7, 2012
Kathy Doherty
Turkey Hat. I made this hat for Thanksgiving, and the kids at the school I work at really loved it. (this is crochet)
Kathy Doherty | November 8, 2012
Pat Uren
Attached is a photo of our first 200 toques that our knitting group “Northern Knitters” has completed for the local hospital. Our goal is to complete 500 toques by the end of the year – it is expected that 500 babies will be born at the Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre this year. We are presently at 385 toques and upwards of 35 knitters involved at this point. And then we will start all over. Aren’t they adorable?
Pat Uren | November 8, 2012
Gina Lampi
Here's a picture of a hat I just finished today for my nephew Ty. Hope u like it.
Gina Lampi | November 9, 2012
Jurate Gertzbein
I wanted to enter the contest and here's the first knit project I made out of my very own hand spun wool. My mister is modelling the toque.
Jurate Gertzbein | November 12, 2012
Kathy Doherty #2
Toque of Many Colours. I learned how to spin and make my own yarn. This is made out of the very first yarn I ever spun myself.
Kathy Doherty | November 13, 2012
Tammy Deadman
Presenting my "No Bobble, Bobble Hat" for entry into Superior Stitches. I rarely keep anything I knit, but this hat turned out just perfect for me (aka, a little too big for your average human head.)
Tammy Deadman | November 16, 2012
Tammy Deadman #2
I also knit a large cable scarf out of one odd ball of gorgeous hand spun (not spun by me) and attached the ends together when I ran out of yarn to make it a cowl instead.
Tammy Deadman | November 16, 2012
Gail Tamblin-Hall
My mom Fran wasn't a dedicated knitter but she was a dedicated wool, knitting needle and knitting accessory buyer. Hence, when she passed, I inherited her knitting collection.
Gail Tamblin-Hall | November 19, 2012
Mark Dewar
Dale Hawerchuck sweater knitted by his girlfriend, now wife.
Mark Dewar | November 20, 2012
Lynn Landry-Rody
Scarf and shawl.
Lynn Landry-Rody | November 26, 2012
Liz Straiton
Nose warmer.
Liz Straiton | November 26, 2012

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