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40 years of CBC Thunder Bay

Celebrating 40 years.

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CBC Thunder Bay's 40th anniversary

40th Friends Interviews

Marty Cooper: Inventor of the Cell Phone

We're turning 40 this year, and so are some other amazing things. In 1973, a young Motorola engineer made the very first call on a cell phone. Meet Marty Cooper, the inventor of the mobile phone, and one of our 40th Friends.

Kool Herc: Founder of Hip Hop

CBC Radio in Thunder Bay turns 40 this year and so does a little global cultural phenomenon known as Hip Hop. Perhaps you've heard of it. To celebrate, we reached the artform's founder Kool Herc.

Phil Barden: Rocky Horror Super-fan

In 1973 a little production known as the Rocky Horror Show opened on a London theatre stage. Phil Barden saw the show, and was hooked for life. He's the author of "Still the Beast is Feeding: 40 Years of Rocky Horror." And yes, there's a reason he's wearing this creepy mask.

Amy Ward : AC/DC tribute artist

Grab your air guitar, because AC/DC is 40! We couldn't find a phone number for AC/DC, so we went for the next best thing. We called up Amy Ward, aka Bonny Scott, lead vocalist for AC/DShe, the first all-female AC/DC tribute band.

Nick Everly: Lives in the "Exorcist" house

The film, the Exorcist was released in 1973. The novel it's based on is inspired by real life events said to have a happened in Nick Everly's St. Louis, MO residence. To celebrate CBC Thunder Bay's and the Exorcist's 40th, we reached Nick... at home!

Marty Pasetta: Directed Elvis "Aloha from Hawaii" special

Elvis Presely's Aloha from Hawaii special, was broadcast live around the world 40 years ago in 1973...the same year CBC Thunder Bay was born! Marty Pasetta produced and directed the show. We reached him to talk about working with the King on one of the biggest TV shows in history.