Prime Minister Cup: Round One Voting

Saintlaurent_headshot.jpgName: Louis St. Laurent
Hometown: Compton, Quebec
Ruled Canada from: 15 November, 1948 - 21 June, 1957
Known for: St. Laurent's friendly nature earned him the nickname Uncle Louis. During his administration, he negotiated the entry of Newfoundland into Confederation, helped create the Canada Council for the Arts and the Trans-Canada Highway. For the latter accomplishment, he is considered the Patron Saint of Windshield Washer Fluid.
Famous Quote: "Newfoundland can join Canada on one condition: we get to make fun of your accents."

Chretien.jpgName: Jean Chrétien
Hometown: Shawinigan, Quebec
Ruled Canada from: November 4, 1993 - December 12, 2003
Known for: Chrétien strongly opposed the sovereignty movement and in 1995 was instrumental in preventing the separation of Quebec. He invented the "Shawinigan Handshake" which is the act of greeting a protester with a choke-hold and holds the record as The Most Impersonated PM ever.
Famous Quote:  "Some people live to work, I live to shred on my kite board."

Bowell_headshots.jpgName: Sir Mackenzie Bowell
Hometown: Rickinghall, England
Ruled Canada from: December 21, 1894 - April 27, 1896
Known for: Canada's lamest duck Prime Minister, Bowell assumed the position after the death of Prime Minister Thompson. His administration was overshadowed by a schooling issue in Manitoba, his leadership led to the resignation of several Cabinet ministers, and when Bowell himself finally resigned, his resignation was refused.
Famous Quote: "Stop it. That's not how you pronounce my last name."

Martin_headshots.jpgName: Paul Martin
Hometown:  Windsor Ontario
Ruled Canada from: December 12, 2003 - February 6, 2006
Known for:  Under his watch Bill C-38 was passed, legalizing same-sex marriage across Canada.  When dressing down, he often pops his collar, giving him the everyman swagger of an old Justin Beiber.
Famous Quote:  "Hawaii...Shamawaii, I'll take PEI any day."

Turner_headshots.jpgName: John Turner
Hometown: Richmond, England / Vancouver, BC
Ruled Canada from: June 30, 1984 - September 17, 1984
Known for: Upon Turner becoming PM, an election was immediately called, and he spent the summer campaigning for an election his Liberals went on to lose. But during his brief, 79 day administration, Canada earned its highest ever Olympic medal haul.
Famous Quote: "What's love got to do with it?" Oh wait. Wrong Turner.

Tupper_headshots.jpgName: Sir Charles Tupper
Hometown: Amherst Nova Scotia
Ruled Canada from:  May 1 1896 - July 8 1896
Known for:  At 74, he was the oldest person to ever become the big cheese. His 68 days is the shortest term of all Prime Ministers and his government never faced a Parliament. We can all agree, no matter what age you are, that is a pretty good gig.
Famous Quote: "They are called Mutton Chops mother! Everyone is wearing them."

Thompson_headshots.jpgName: Sir John Thompson
Hometown: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Ruled Canada from: December 5, 1892 - December 12, 1894
Known for: While in office, Thompson fought the notion of Canada's annexation by the United States, though he acknowledged that America has a much greater selection of chocolate bars and cereal.
Famous Quote: "What year is it? Ugh, there's nothing to do! I'm so bored!"

Mackenzie_headshot.jpgName: Alexander Mackenzie
Hometown: Logierait, Scotland
Ruled Canada from: November 7, 1873 - October 8, 1878
Known for:  This loveable stern face created the office of the Auditor General.  He was a part of the temperance movement and wanted to make getting alcohol difficult in Ontario. Remnants of this movement exists today, it's called the LCBO.
Famous Quote: "I may not drink, but I am drunk with power!"


Deif_headshots.jpgName: John Diefenbaker
Hometown: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Ruled Canada from: June 21, 1957 - April 22, 1963
Known for: Diefenbaker was able to keep Canada's profile low during the peak of the Cold War by hiding nuclear secrets in his jowls. He went on to become the namesake of the dog from the TV series Due South.
Famous Quote: "Oh wow, the sixties, man. What a trip."

Laurier_headshots.jpgName: Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Hometown: Saint-Lin, Quebec
Ruled Canada from:  July 11 1896 - October 6 1911
Known for:  Canada's first francophone Prime Minister who oversaw Saskatchewan and Alberta's entry into Confederation. He advanced the creation of the Royal Canadian Navy, which until the building of the West Edmonton Mall in 1981 had the country's largest fleet of submarines.
Famous Quote: "Hey man, can I borrow five bucks?"

Campbell_headshots.jpgName: Kim Campbell
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Ruled Canada from: June 25, 1993 - November 4, 1993
Known for: Canada's first and only female PM. During Campbell's barely four-month term, she never had an opportunity to serve in Parliament as Prime Minister. While she was in office, employment skyrocketed, specifically for Air Farce cast member Luba Goy.
Famous Quote: "Why does everyone keep telling me not to get too comfortable?"

Clarkheadshots.jpgName: Joe Clark
Hometown: High River, Alberta
Ruled Canada from: June 4, 1979 - March 3, 1980
Known for:  Was sworn in as Canada's youngest Prime Minister and is credited with making access to information legislation a priority. Throughout his political career Canadians have watched him ascend to the esteemed position as the country's "Jowliest" politician.
Famous Quote: "There are two types of people in this world, those who boil hotdogs and those who don't. "

Mulroney_headshots.jpgName: Brian Mulroney
Hometown: Baie-Comeau, Quebec
Ruled Canada from: September 17, 1984 - June 25, 1993
Known for: Mulroney signed the 1988 Free Trade Agreement and privatized several Crown Corporations, successfully negotiating the transfer of over 1 billion Petro Points. He also introduced the GST, which you definitely have to pay unless you know a guy
Famous Quote: "I vow to make this nation safer for our children, no matter how cheesy a TV host they turn out to be."

Bennett_headshot.jpgName: R. B. Bennett
Hometown: Hopewell Hill, New Brunswick
Ruled Canada from:  August 7, 1930  October 23,  1935
Known for: Oversaw the creation of the Bank of Canada, and established the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission, the immediate precursor to the CBC. Those who knew the man say he would have been a huge fan of Jian Ghomeshi.
Famous Quote: "I have no idea how a radio works, but I know its important."

Abbott_headshots.jpgName: Sir John Abbott
Hometown: St. Andrews, Lower Canada
Ruled Canada from: June 16, 1891 - November 24, 1892
Known for: Abbott reluctantly became Prime Minister after John A. Macdonald died in office. During his 17-month term as a caretaker Prime Minister, Abbott was saddled with economic recession, scandal, and mountains of John A. Macdonald's unanswered fan mail.
Famous Quote: "Don't ask me. I just work here."

MackenzieKing_headshots.jpgName: William Lyon Mackenzie King
Hometown: Berlin, Ontario
Ruled Canada from:  October 23, 1935 - November 15, 1948
Known for: He was the longest serving Canadian Prime Minister in the history of earth. He oversaw Canada's entry into the United Nations, and created the NFB and CBC. When asked "Is there anything thing this guy didn't do?" Most historians respond: "Nope".
Famous Quote: "One day, I will have a friggin' ton of High Schools named after me" 

Borden_headshots.jpgName: Sir Robert Borden
Hometown: Grand Pre, Nova Scotia
Ruled Canada from: October 10, 1911 - July 10, 1920
Known for: Borden helped create Canadian military divisions separate from British command, and led Canada to its first international triumph, winning World War I. Borden also championed women's suffrage, and was the first PM to have a moustache, which is why his portrait is on the $100 bill, our most elegant piece of tender.
Famous Quote: "I believe women should be allowed to boat. I mean vote. Sorry, I have a cold."

Pearson_headshots.jpgName: Lester B. Pearson
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Ruled Canada from: April 22 1963 April 20 1968
Known for: This bow tie wearing, hockey playing PM introduced universal health care, student loans, the Canada Pension Plan and the Order of Canada. We have him to thank for our current flag too. Before that we were using a white sheet with the word Canada spray-painted across it.  
Famous Quote: "What do you mean the subway doesn't connect to my airport in Toronto?! That's asinine."

Trudeau_headshots.jpgName: Pierre Trudeau
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec
Ruled Canada from: April 20, 1968 - June 4, 1979 / March 3, 1980 - June 30, 1984
Known for: Trudeau's reign is coloured by issues surrounding Quebec separatism, including the 1970 October Crisis and the 1980 referendum - a showdown between Trudeau and Quebec premier René Lévesque, which the media dubbed "Dueling Combovers."
Famous Quote: "Just watch me. Actually, just watch my stuff for a second while I go get that brunette's phone number."

Meighan_headshots.jpgName: Arthur Meighen
Hometown: Anderson, Ontario
Ruled Canada from: July 10, 1920 to December 29, 1921; and from June 29, 1926
Known for: Responsible for placing the Grand Trunk Railway under the control of Canadian National Railways. More importantly, Meighen was known for being unassuming, meek and apologetic; he might just be the most "Canadian" PM in our history. 
Famous Quote: "Sorry." 

NOTE: Sir John A. MacDonald and Stephen Harper get an automatic bye into the second round as they are Canada's first prime minister and current prime minister (Our game, our rules.) Here are their bios anyway.

SirJohnA_headshots.jpgName: Sir John A. Macdonald
Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland
Ruled Canada from: 1 July 1867 - 5 November 1873 / 17 October 1878 - 6 June 1891
Known for: Canada's first Prime Minister, Macdonald served a total of six terms, in which he quickly secured many of the western and Atlantic colonies outside of Confederation. He also united the nation with a railroad, which is great, unless you get stuck next to a real blabbermouth.
Famous Quote: "OMG #1 PM LOLZ."

Harper_headshots.jpgName: Stephen Harper **
Hometown:  Toronto, Ontario
Ruled Canada from: Feb 2006 - present
Most satisfactory accomplishments: Issued an official apology on behalf of the Canadian Government for the Chinese head tax and the Residential Schools. On their list of "most charismatic" piano players in history, Rolling Stone placed Harper 3rd between Jerry Lee Lewis and Liberace, with Elton John topping the list.  
Famous Quote: "Hakuna Matata, it means: No worries."


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