This Is That Live comes to Vancouver and Calgary

We're very pleased to announce that at the end of September our live show will be part of two Western Canadian arts festivals. 

Now of course it would be amazing if you bought tickets to the following shows on blind faith alone but we know that is a lot to ask, which is why we made an informative video about the This Is That live experience.

This Is That Live details: 
On September 20 as part of Vancouver's Olio Festival we'll be performing at the RIO Theatre. For tickets to the Olio Festival ticketing page

Then, on September 26, in Canada's 2012 cultural capital, Calgary (no we did not make that up), we'll be staging This Is That LIVE at the University Theatre as part of the YYComedy Festival. Pete and Pat will also be performing along with Mark McKinney, Gavin Crawford and many others in the festival's gala on Saturday, September 29 at the Jubilee Auditorium. For tickets and information go to the YYComedy Festival website.


Olio Festival 2012 

YYComedy Festival 
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