Best of This Is That: Standing-room only airline, The Clap, Toronto neighbourhood bans children, organic pharmaceuticals documentary


This week on the Best of This Is That: We talk to the owner of Can-Fly, a new standing-room only airline launching in Canada this year.

The Clap is a new Broadway stage-show that is taking New York by storm. In the same vein as hit productions like Stomp, there are no words in this two-hour show just the rhythmic sound of clapping. Peter Oldring sits down for a feature chat with its Canadian creators.
The residents of Toronto's Liberty Village are trying to prevent children from living in their neighborhood. Pat Kelly speaks with the couple that is spearheading this movement.     

And our microphones take you to the sounds of the Moncton Market in New Brunswick where resident Dave Bernier has a unique stand, instead selling organic apples or handmade salsas, Bernier is selling ethical, organic pharmaceuticals.

Plus, we play your calls in reaction to our story about the Canadian Foreign Trade minister that went viral for delivering the Molson 'I am Canadian' speech instead of his planned one at a major international trade conference.    

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Toronto Neighborhood Tries to Ban Children

Standing-Room Only Airline Announced

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