Best of This Is That: Calgary aquarium, house buffalo, strip club tourism, Johnny and the Apologies

Canada: Barely armed, barely dangerous.

Canada: Barely armed, barely dangerous.


This week on the Best of This Is That: The Calgary Aquarium is closing its doors this week; we talk to the owner to find out what they are going to do with all of their sea-life.

A couple in Pincher Creek, AB explains to us why they are fighting their local city council to let their pet buffalo live indoors with them.  
We talk to a very unhappy American woman who is suing the "Quebec: Take a Peek" tour company for taking her on a very misleading tour of Montreal.

Johnny and the Apologies were one of the biggest Canadian bands in the 1960s ... in South America, that is. Peter Oldring profiles their recent reunion in an award winning radio documentary.

Plus, we play your phone calls in reaction to Banff National Park's attempts to rid itself of cougars.

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Calgary Aquarium Closes

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A Letter from Banff National Park

Best of This Is That: Pay per use parks, Banff cougars, casual Friday police, and 401 bicycle commuter
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