Season 2: 2011 Highlights



As 2011 comes to a close we thought we'd look back on some of the news stories that defined Season 2 of This Is That. We reflect on NFLD's announcement to introduce helmets for drivers under the age of 25. Host Pat Kelly revisits his interview with Dr. Henry Poole, the man who discovered the iceberg that sunk the Titanic. Host Peter Oldring plays his interview with famous Canadian impersonator Donny Schmitts. We give an encore spin to our documentary on the Ontario hunting craze, 'hunt & release'. Plus, we feature Peter Oldring's summer documentary about one man's daily commute on the 401 Highway on his bicycle.

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This is officially the last episode in Season 2 of This Is That. Keep checking back to this blog for highlights from the past season. Follow us on Twitter and join our Facebook fan page for progress on Season 3 of the show.

A big thanks to everyone who help produce the show this year:

Happy New Year Canada!

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