Season 2: Episode 11 - Calgary Tower, Impressionist, Molson Speech, Hunt and Release

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This week we find out why a group of citizens in Calgary want to tear down the Calgary tower. Host Peter Oldring sits down with the 'Man of 1000 Voices', Donny Smitts to hear some of his most famous Canadian impressions. Pat Kelly interviews the Chairman of the Foreign Investment Board of Canada about his beer inspired outburst in Sweden earlier this week. Our microphones will also take you to the forests of Ontario to learn about a new form of animal friendly hunting. Plus, we play your calls in response to Fort McMurray being voted Canada's cleanest city

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As always you can download a podcast version of this show over in iTunes. Also, check out our Facebook page to find what a Fort McMurray radio station was saying about our show. We're also on Twitter... you know if you're into that. 

We're very excited to be continuing into the fall season with This Is That. We have 16 new episodes of the coming up plus a special two part episode in celebration of CBC's 75th Anniversary and very interesting video we'll be releasing next week. 
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