Winter wasteland: Is cross-country skiing Canada's most reckless winter sport?

"Women, money, cars, travel ... that's cross-country skiing." (Scott Sommerdorf/CP Images)


Cross-country skiing is one of Canada's most popular winter sports. For most Canadians, it is their favourite way to exercise in nature, but on a professional level it is a much different story. However, behind the veneer of serene athletes gliding through the snow, the world of big money cross-country skiing is a reckless and hedonistic one.  

Peter Oldring's documentary "The Winning Trail" explores this lesser known aspect of the sport through the eyes of cross-country skiing's infamous bad-boy Todd Palmer.

We want to hear from you: Have you seen examples of the reckless side of professional cross-country skiing? Post your stories in the comments below or tweet us @CBCThisIsThat using the hashtag #RecklessXCSki.


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