New list ranks Canadians as the most unattractive people in the world

According to Maquillage et Motocyclette magazine, Canadians are a

According to Maquillage et Motocyclette magazine, Canadians are a "scared looking people." (JONATHAN HAYWARD/CP IMAGES)


Earlier this week, notable Parisian fashion magazine, Maquillage et Motocyclette published its annual list of the "Top 25 Countries with the Most Attractive People" and once again Canada was left off of it. In fact, Canada ranked so low this year that we made their sidebar index of the "Top 5 Countries with the Most Unattractive People." The well-respected ranking was juried by the magazine's readers and staff and according to Editor-in-chief Chantelle DuBois, it is our "desperate, apologetic manner and tendency to over-wear warm clothes like sweatpants" that rank us so low. This morning Pat Kelly spoke with Ms. DuBois to find out more.

We want to know what you think: Are Canadians unattractive? Should we have made the list of top 25 countries with the most attractive people? Let us know by commenting below or interacting with us on Twitter by using the hashtag #CDNBeauty.



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