CBC's 'Chip Off Another Block'

Over the years the CBC-TV has been instrumental in breaking down social stereotypes and opening the eyes and minds of Canadians from coast to coast. Shows like the Big Canoe and Sidewalk Sally reinforced that Canada is a truly diverse country. However, there was one show in particular that helped shape the global outlook on a very marginalized group in our society. The program was called Chip Off Another Block and it was the first show to ever portray an adopted character on television. As part of our 75th Anniversary Special, we met up with the show's creator Donald Pambeau to learn more about this important show.

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Remember Part 2 of our special two-part series in honour of the CBC's 75th Anniversary airs this Saturday (Oct 29) at 11am on CBC Radio One. You can check out Part 1 of our special right here.
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