75th Anniversary Special: Part 1

Dr. Henry Poole of the University of Nanaimo explains what life was like in Canada before the radio. We play a clip of the actual first broadcast on the CBC...the one that accidentally went to air. Peter Oldring interviews tower-keeper Gary Shepard, one the 2,500 radio technicians that live at the base of transmission towers across this country. Pat Kelly brings us a montage of some the greatest radio shows on the CBC including the longest running radio drama on the network, "Canada Town". And we profile the King of Foley; the man of a thousand sounds... Peppers Collins!

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We also received a lot of feedback for a story we ran last week about Canadians with university degrees getting more votes in the next election. We will air a full feedback package in response to that story on Saturday, Nov 5th. To tide you over until then you can listen to one call here.   
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